ALERT™ 300 mg Focus Capsules

ALERT™ 300 mg Focus Capsules

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10 mg CBD per cap | 30 caps per container


Focus Formula with Green Tea Matcha Extract
Organically Cultivated CBD
Third Party Tested

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Product Benefits

ALERT™  may help with the following symptoms:

Lack of Focus/Concentration


Organic crystalline CBD extract, L-theanine, green tea matcha extract.

This product contains 0% THC.


Take 1-4 capsules daily, not on an empty stomach.

Useful information

The anti-anxiety properties of CBD combined with the powerful anti-oxidant and stimulating  green tea matcha extract may boost concentration and energy for maximum productivity.

Each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD
Each bottle contains 30 capsules
300 mg of CBD total
Vegan and Non-GMO


Keep ALERT™ in a cool dry place. We recommend using the product within 18 months from the date of purchase.


“Between studying at night and working during the day, life can get exhausting. ALERT™ helps me power through.”

Stefan B, Poland